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“This book is a valuable resource and reminder of what luxury is today and how we can embody it in our design practices. Affluent clients expect more, and Melissa lays out the essential systems and strategy to attract and work with them effectively. I consider Melissa to be one of the best business coaches for interior designers and the key strategies in this book to strengthen my own brand have proven successful.”

– Laurence Carr
CEO and Founder, Laurence Carr Design, INC


I consider Melissa to be one of the best business coaches for interior designers.

Is This You?

Interior Designer

If you’re an interior designer, decorator, stager, or architect, and you want to improve your practice, this book is for you.

You may be established in your practice and want to fine tune your ideal client avatar and enhance your profitability; this book is for you. Or, you may be new to design and want to build your practice specifically to attract affluent clients and deliver luxury design; this book is for you. Perhaps you’ve been practicing for a few years and find yourself at a plateau and want to make the jump to the next level of clientele. This book is for you.

Whether you work exclusively with affluent clients, aspire to work with them, or simply want to improve your practice with the market you have and want to maintain, you’re in the right place. This book is your blueprint, your proven process, and your strategic systems guide.

This book is your blueprint for attracting and capturing affluent clients for a lifetime of design.

To take rapid strategic action you’ll want the expert resources included with the book.

Outsource implementation of the books strategies to avoid overwhelm.

Melissa’s goal is to keep you in your Zone of Genius while upleveling your brand, your delivery and your design practice.

Book Bonuses

  • Discover Your Priceless Points of Connection with Every Client for More Profit
  • 15 First Class Client Care Tips & Tricks to Surprise & Delight Your Clients Always
  • Designer’s Best Testimonial Gathering Service, Never Miss an Accolade
  • In-Depth Process to Reveal Your Ideal Clients Inside Your Practice with Ease
  • Optimal Resources for Outsourcing Social Media and PR, Save Time & Search
  • 1:1 Luxury Designer Discovery Session with the Author for Strategic Expertise

Complimentary Excerpt
9 Affluent Client Avatars: Meet Your Ideal Clients

What's Included

  • The Definition of Luxury Today
  • 9 Affluent Client Avatars
  • 7 Must Have Qualities to Attract Affluent Clients
  • 13 Brand Hallmarks Every Luxury Designer Has
  • 16 Perfect Places to Find Affluent Clients
  • 5 Proven Skills Affluent Clients Seek in You
  • 11 Smart Strategies to Attract & Capture Affluent Clients

Meet The Author

Some say design is in Melissa’s genes: she’s the great granddaughter of architect and icon, Frank Lloyd Wright. She is a successful residential interior designer in her own right, and a master educator on the business of design; a sought after business coach and marketing consultant; an international speaker; and a prolific author of books showing you how to be a better you in business and life.

She’s trained, coached and consulted with thousands of designers and architects worldwide to show them how to earn more in less time with far less stress by working with affluent clients. The greatest luxury is a business you love with clients who adore you and time for the life of your dreams. This guide helps get you there when you apply the expertise within.

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